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Art and My Childhood


It’s no wonder I am an artist. My earliest impressions are of shapes, color, and good times with my family.

I believe my passion with art began at a young age. In kindergarten, I vividly remember having fun coloring a picture of a bird on a bird feeder. It was a large drawing with many squares and a bird in it to color. I settled in with my trusty crayons and got into the flow, testing out the colors of my crayons and seeing the paper transform into a piece of art. The simple fact that I could color the bird any way I wanted and make it something original appealed to me.

Through my childhood and adolescence, I would draw for hours at a time when at home. I treasured my crayons, markers and colored pencils. I would read the names of colors over and over. To this day I’m intrigued by colors and the names assigned to them, whether it be paint, cosmetics, grout, or Prismacolor colored pencils. There is something mysterious and entertaining about why and how certain colors are named. Oh! Then there is the scent associated with art supplies – how the sweet smell of a crayon brings back happy memories.

An example of artwork from my childhood.

An example of artwork from my childhood.

I remember spending time with my family working on art projects. Often, my Dad would sit with me and sketch funny cartoons, paint by numbers, teach me to braid with pipe cleaners, or weave macramé plant hangers. I enjoyed all sorts of art, for instance, creating flowers from tissue paper with my Mom, baking cookies, and making spin art paintings with my sister. My toy box contained items like drawing supplies, paper, glue, yarn, and knitting supplies. I liked using my imagination and hands to create something tangible and unique.

It’s interesting to look back and find clues to what made me who I am today. These positive associations I gained through art and the support of my family helped me to develop my talents, and grow into the artist and parent I am today.

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