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A Favorite Memory to Share

One of my favorite memories happened over 14 years ago, on an ordinary evening in my family room. I was a new mom watching our infant daughter, Kelly. At the time, we had only hardwood floors and no fluffy rugs, so I placed a soft clean sheet on the floor and sat on it with my daughter.

I gently laid her down beside me and made sure to keep an eye on her while viewing a television show. It was easy to watch her since she just wriggled around in one spot. She could lie on her back or stomach, gurgle, burp, smile and wiggle, but she hadn’t yet mastered the art of crawling. Our world was about to change.

Suddenly, I looked over to my right and saw that Kelly was on the move. As my jaw dropped, I thought to myself, “What is happening? Oh my goodness, she’s crawling – wow!” I was surprised and excited, as I had known her to be only a fairly sedentary bundle of joy before that wonderful moment. Since then, Kelly has become much more mobile, interesting and fun! I love being a mom and celebrating all of my daughter’s milestones with her.

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