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Thanksgiving and a Thanksgiving Activity

With the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, I look forward to gathering with family. I thank God for my blessings and I’m grateful for what I have – most importantly I’m grateful for my faith, my family and my friends. I’d like to share some Thanksgiving memories and a favorite Thanksgiving activity.

Thanksgiving and Sisters

Me and My Sister, 1976

I’ll begin with a memory from my childhood. As a munchkin in elementary school, I looked forward to Thanksgiving and sharing a meal at home with my parents, sister, and grandparents. I remember some fantastic times when my sister and I were roused to the delicious scent of a roasting turkey wafting up from the kitchen. When we woke up, we’d run down the stairs and hit our brakes at the kitchen. It was magical! Overnight the dull plastic table had transformed into a dazzling feast for the eyes, complete with a fancy white linen tablecloth, sparkling glasses and the shiny silver salt and pepper shakers. We knew it was a special day and enjoyed the warm feeling in our home.

Since then, Thanksgiving experiences have changed, especially now that my sister and I are older, married, and have families of our own. At first it was a challenge to find time together on the holiday as schedules were often hectic, but over the years we’ve found a way.

Thanksgiving Activity - Thanksgiving Walk

Sisters (back), daughters (front)
Ready for a Thanksgiving Walk, 2009

We meet early in the morning and go for a “Thanksgiving walk” in the park. It’s easy enough for us to meet early and its quality time we both enjoy. This walk is not much different than other walks we share together on weekends, but because it’s Thanksgiving Day and it’s the “Thanksgiving walk,” it feels extra special and it is. We discuss our Thanksgiving Day plans, expectations and memories.

Now that our daughters are older, they join us for the “Thanksgiving walk” in the morning. It’s a great activity – a family tradition – and the source of many special memories. I am thankful for our times together.

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