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Preparing for Christmas

Here are some quick and easy tips to create a warm, inviting environment in the home for upcoming Christmas holiday activities. Ring in the season with the sound of sleigh bells and the sweet scent of candy canes for a joyous experience year after year.

1. Make some music
Place some shiny bells on ribbon loops, then hang the loops over several door knobs. The musical sound of Christmas can be heard all season long as folks jingle around the home.

2. Set the scene and scent
To add instant color and aroma use red A. I. Root “Candy Cane” scented candles – they are long lasting and the peppermint scent is wonderful. For easy festive decor, surround the candles with evergreen boughs and, “Wa-laa!” the decorating has already begun.

My family associates peppermint with Christmas since we’ve been doing this for years. Pick a scent and start a new holiday tradition!

These two simple changes are economical, easy, and enrich the holiday experience through December.

Some favorite December holiday activities include baking Christmas cookies, crafting homemade Christmas ornaments and wrapping gifts with ribbons and bows.

Backing Christmas Cookies, 2008

Baking Christmas Cookies with Daughter, 2008

Baking Christmas Cookies, 2014

Baking Christmas Cookies with Daughter, 2013

For the holiday, I enjoy creating handmade gifts – something, unique and personalized to give to loved ones. I work on these crafts at home with my family while listening to Christmas music and enjoying the scent of peppermint tickling my nose. We craft colorful homemade Christmas ornaments and yummy vanilla butter cookies with red, green and white icing.

Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas Butter Cookies

Homemade Christmas Butter Cookies, 2013

Listening to Christmas music as we craft, bake and wrap, with the scent of candy canes and cookies filling the air is a fun way to prepare for the holiday. Use your creativity to create an environment that works well for you; happy holidays!

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