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Enjoying Outdoor Winter Activities

“Let it snow!” This is my mantra from the end of December through the middle of March. Living in the Midwestern United States, I’ve learned to enjoy snow and the outdoors in winter. If you’re new to a snowy climate and want to embrace the season, read on for tips to make the most of winter and wonderful snow.

Getting Dressed for Winter Activites, 2002

Getting Daughter Dressed for Winter, 2002

Snowballs in Winter, 2002

Making Snowballs with Daughter, 2002

The trick to enjoying winter is to dress properly, before heading outside. Dressing for flexibility and warmth when outside temperatures range between 10 degrees F and 32 degrees F, makes all the difference between enjoying the beauty of winter and being too uncomfortable to appreciate it.

Dressing Children for Winter Activities, 2004

Dressing my Daughter for Winter, 2004

Teaching Children to Ski, 2004

Teaching my Daughter to Ski, 2004

Snowmobiling with Child, 2004

Snowmobiling with Daughter, 2004

Family Snowmobiling, 2004

Snowmobiling 2004
From left to right: Me, Husband, and Daughter

Layer clothing to retain body heat. If you get too warm when outside, it’s easier to remove a layer of clothing and cool off, then to add an additional layer to warm up.

Plan to take 10 to 20 minutes to get dressed for outdoor winter activities. If you have young children, tack on another 20 to 30 minutes to get them suited up before heading outside. Dressing in layers takes more time and may seem redundant at first, but it’s well worth the effort.

Making a Snowman in Winter, 2007

Making Snowman with Daughter, 2007

Sled Riding w/Friends and Daughter, 2009

Sledding with Friends and Daughter, 2009

My warmest winter outdoor outfit contains the following: light standard underwear and heavier long john type underwear over them; a long sleeve T-shirt and pants (I like to wear stretchy yoga pants or jeans); a pair or two of heavy weight long winter socks; a warm thin sweater and a fleece jacket; a warm insulated winter jacket and snow pants with bib; a hat, boots, and warm winter gloves.

Winter Family Activity, Snomobiling 2009

Husband and Daughter Snowmobiling, 2009

Outerwear clothing made with GOR-TEX® and Thinsulate™ work very well together to keep bodies warm and dry in cold weather. Gor-Tex® is a waterproof, breathable material and Thinsulate™, an insulation made by 3M™, retains heat without the bulk of traditional insulation; plus, it’s moisture-resistant. Footwear and gloves made with these two materials are my favorites — they keep my fingers and toes warm and dry even if I’m working up a sweat.

Winter Activity, Sculpting Snow, 2012

Making Snowman With Daughter, 2012

I really enjoy spending time outside in winter and have many wonderful winter memories with family and friends. Some winter activities worth exploring outside include running, snowboarding, ice-skating and ice-hockey. I like to sculpt snowmen and funny looking characters out of snow — it’s fun and great exercise. I also like walking, hiking, sledding, snowmobiling and skiing.

Winter Activity, Exploring An Ice Cave, 2014

Daughter and Husband Exploring an Ice Cave, 2014

Snowmobiling with Friends and Family, Winter 2014

Snowmobiling 2014

From left to right: Me, Daughter, and Husband

I’m sharing these tips to encourage folks to give winter a try – to dress for comfort, go outside and explore. Maybe it will become one of your favorite seasons as it is one of mine. Making the most of what we have, no matter what the climate is, can be exciting. Wishing you a great season!

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