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On a hot day in summer, I like to spend time with my family cooling off in the water. Whether we are on the river or lake, a day in the water with family and friends is my favorite way to spend the day.

Antl Family Wakeboarding

Antl Family Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is my favorite summer sport. As sunshine warms your skin, cool water splashes your legs making it a refreshing activity on a warm day.

Carolyn Antl Wakeboarding in TN

Carolyn Antl Wakeboarding in TN

I like the smooth fluid movement of carving turns and the excitement of flying in the air over water. It’s such a thrill!

A friend first introduced us to wakeboarding 21 years ago while on a houseboat trip in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky.

Wakeboard Instructor

Our friend first taught us to wakeboard in 1993.

Since then we’ve been improving our boarding skills and learning new tricks. We wouldn’t have learned as quickly without the patience, kindness and advice from our boarding buddies, who are also excellent instructors.

Wakeboarding with friends, 2012.

A great time on the river learning together, 2012.

We’ve also taught family and friends how to wakeboard.

My husband wakeboarding in Ohio.

My husband, Lee, wakeboarding in Ohio.

Lee and I began training our daughter to wakeboard when she was 3 and she has been boarding ever since she turned 5 years old.

Wakeboard training our 3 yr. old daughter.

Wakeboard training our 3 yr. old daughter.

5 year old wakeboarding

This is a picture of our daughter when she was 5 — her first time wakeboarding.

7 year old wakeboarding

Our daughter wakeboarding when she was 7 years old.

15 year old teen wakeboarding

Our daughter wakeboarding at 15 years old and getting some air!

Watching the joy on a friend’s face when they first stand up on the board and ride the wake or learn a new trick is a treat; a shared joy — that is the best!

Friends learning to wakeboard.

Friends learning to wakeboard in 2010.

It’s a great social activity, too. As we take turns wakeboarding with friends, we share tips and encourage each other; and it’s a fun exercise for improving strength, endurance and agility.

Wakeboarding at Norris Lake, TN

Wakeboarding with friends in Tennessee.

Have fun on the water!

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