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Hispanic Culture and Sugar Skulls

This month I participated in a Sugar Skull contest at American Greetings hosted by the Hispanic Resource Network. The event engaged employees and promoted the Hispanic holiday, Day of the Dead, also called Día de los Muertos, which is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.

During Dia de los Muertos, people remember friends and family members who have died by gathering and praying for them. Families create wonderful altars to welcome the spirits of children and adults, and the altars include food, drink, candles, marigolds, skeletons and sugar skulls.

The event was a hit! Twenty-six artists participated by providing beautifully decorated skulls and many American Greetings employees voted for their favorite while learning more about the holiday.

I based my sugar skull design on two ideas, “The Falling Soldier,” a famous Spanish Civil War photograph, and the fact that many cyclists and bikers have passed away, “fallen,” due to unfortunate accidents on the road.

Day of the Dead Skull by Carolyn Antl

Day of the Dead Skull by Carolyn Antl

Around the cheeks of the skull a motorcycle design was painted; additionally, a cycle chain surrounds the nose and yellow flowers are set in the eyes.

The beautiful mask with the rhinestone “bling-bling” won the contest.

Day of the Dead "Bling" Skull, Winner

Day of the Dead “Bling” Skull, Winner

To learn more about Dia de los Muertos, visit and

Enjoy the holiday!

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