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Halloween Costumes

Aye, it’s the night before All Hallows’ Eve. When I step outside into the nippy night air, goose bumps and shivers raise my hair. The sky is clear; and there is a mysterious sliver of moon in the moody sky.

On this calm night I go into my kitchen lair and settle down with the scent of pumpkin spice in the air. With hands on the keyboard and eyes on the screen, I conjure up images of Halloween.

I’ll begin with a photo I have from my youth in 1978, an image of my sister and me in our Halloween costumes handcrafted by my mad mum. I’m the witch – she’s the angel.

1978 Halloween - Sisters

Halloween Sisters, 1978

1997 Halloween with Our Niece

Halloween with Our Niece, 1997

2001 Halloween

Halloween Family Photo, 2001

2001 - My Little Angel

My Little Angel, 2001

2001 Halloween With My Angel

Halloween, 2001

2002 Halloween - Cousins

Halloween Cousins, 2002

2003 The Princess Returns With Grandma

The Princess Returns with Grandma, 2003

2004 Halloween - Cousins

Halloween Cousins, 2004

2005 Halloween - Cousins

Halloween Cousins, 2005

2006 Halloween - Cousins

Halloween Cousins, 2006

2006 Halloween - Cousin Vampires

Halloween Cousin Vampires, 2006

2007 Halloween - Family

Halloween Family, 2007

2008 Halloween - Wednesday Addams

Halloween with Wednesday Addams, 2008

2009 Halloween Pirate

Halloween Pirate, 2009

2011 Halloween - Little Devil

Halloween Little Devil, 2011

2014 - Present Halloween Costumes

Present Halloween Costumes, 2014

The angel, witch and vampire are favorite Halloween costumes.

Mirror, mirror, magic ball – what’s in our forecast for next fall? Will it be monsters, mummies, zombies or bats? Bacon and eggs, or big funny hats? Something blue bought on sale? Only time and patience will tell.

Best wishes for a safe and spooky Halloween!

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