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Baby Portrait Drawing

This month I finished a pencil drawing of my friend’s baby girl and wanted to share it with you. A color photograph was used for reference and it included a busy composition.

To create the look and feel of this portrait drawing, the overall shading is much lighter than the color photograph to create a soft, clean look; and some details, for example crumbs on the face and bib, were left out. (I kept smiling as I drew this little cutie-pie!)

A baby's portrait drawn in graphite by C. Antl.

Baby portrait drawing by Carolyn Antl
Graphite pencil on paper

Drawing children’s portraits is fun and also a good challenge. For example, when drawing a pear or bird, if a line or contour is slightly off, not many people will notice. However, when drawing a parent’s child, if the contour or shading is even a wee bit off it changes the character. A lot.

Sometimes I catch myself holding my breath when drawing children’s portraits because every detail is so important and it requires strong concentration. Birds and flowers are much easier for me to draw.

When the day of reckoning is upon me and I present the drawing to the parent, again I find myself holding my breath…hoping I’ve created the drawing as well as I believe I have, and that she will like it.

When I gave this drawing to my friend, she smiled with a glassy look in the eye and said, “I love it, just love it!” I exhale, take a deep breath, and enjoy the true joy of drawing; providing art that moves people, interests them and sparks emotion. I like seeing smiles.

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