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A Responsive Website

Mobile trends indicate that internet usage on mobile devices exceeded PC usage in 2014, which makes it important for businesses to seriously consider integration of mobile-friendly versions of websites and company communications. One way to do this is by using responsive design techniques.

Since I work with three small local businesses to design and maintain their websites, it’s important to keep current with trends. This month I redesigned the website for LaDonna-Marchiano’s Salon to make it fully responsive — so that it looks and performs well whether you’re viewing it on the desktop with a large screen, a tablet or small smart phone.

A fully responsive website designed by Carolyn Antl.

A fully responsive website designed by Carolyn Antl.

To keep current with technology, I work on these websites from home at night. It’s a wonderful way to learn new HTML and CSS design tricks, and it also keeps my design and coding skills in shape for my job at American Greetings.

Three key technical features were used when creating this responsive website:

  • Media queries
  • A flexible grid-based layout that uses relative sizing
  • Flexible images and media, through dynamic resizing or CSS

If you’re thinking of designing a website to make it responsive there are many responsive web design resources online. To learn more, start with these:,,

Happy designing!

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