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Halloween 2015

Over the years I’ve enjoyed spending time with my family planning, decorating, and dressing up in costumes to celebrate Halloween. I treasure all the memories: walking with my daughter, niece and sister to go trick or treating, attending parties with my family and friends, and watching “The Addams Family” television show reruns.

This year, my daughter walked her boyfriend’s little sister around the neighborhood on All Hallows’ Eve and she decided to dress in costume. Originally she wanted to dress up as Tinker Bell. And after many travels to stores looking for reasonably priced costumes, which are hard to find the night before Halloween, she decided to be an angel.

Our Halloween Angel, 2015

Our Halloween Angel, 2015

It was challenging to find a costume that night; and finally, we found a white long sleeve T-shirt on sale plus, a reasonably priced package containing a halo and angel wings. Her costume was simple, cute, creative and effective. She wore the halo, wings, white shirt and black leggings trick or treating with Maddie and looked like the sweet angel she is. The best part was seeing her use her creativity and patience to select a costume. She has learned to spend her money wisely and I’m so proud of her.

What’s really neat is that on the first Halloween we took her trick or treating, we dressed her in costume as an angel. So being the sentimental mom I am, I took pictures and I’m featuring them here to show how she’s grown and to remember these moments. I love her so much!

Our Daughter Now (2015) and Then (2001)

Our Daughter Now (2015) and Then (2001)

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