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Megan’s Bay Beach, St. Thomas USVI

On our vacation to St. Thomas, we decided to spend the day at Megan’s Bay beach.

From The Island View Guesthouse, where we were staying, we woke up and left in the morning to drive north on Route 33. This is a beautiful scenic road trip on St. Thomas. The tropical views of the water and jungle are amazing as you climb up and over the mountain. It’s lush and colorful with flowers, deep green tropical plants, colorful houses and the brilliance of the sea.

Megan's Bay, St. Thomas

Overlooking Megan’s Bay

There is an overlook on the way worth stopping at to take in the view of Megan’s Bay and surrounding islands. It’s a great backdrop for a tropical photograph and we were fortunate to see two wild parrots land on the trees near us. What a nice surprise!

Walking on Megan's Bay Beach

Walking on Megan’s Bay Beach

Megan’s Bay beach is pristine and it’s long making it a great walking spot. The sand here is fine and smooth plus, it’s relatively level. One way is about .6 miles long and there is a cafe and shop on the beach. We had lunch here where burgers, sandwiches and salads were served. There’s also a convenient bath house.

After a walk and some rest in the sun it’s refreshing to take a dip in the water and enjoy the beauty of nature. We saw little white and black fish that liked to swim around and tickle our legs. Out further we could see sea turtles coming up for air and pelicans diving for fish. One time we even saw dolphins here!

Cooling Off in Megan's Bay

Cooling Off in Megan’s Bay

The water at this beach is calm, clear and shallow. One can walk far out into the sea and the water is below the waist. This a very good beach for families with small children.

After a relaxing day here we stopped at the Udder Delight ice-cream stand for a treat and then headed back to the guesthouse.

A Treat at Udder Delights Ice Cream Stand

A Treat at Udder Delight’s Ice Cream Stand

At the guesthouse,we went to visit the pool. It’s clean, refreshing, and located right on the mountainside with a great view of Elephant Bay, Water Island and beyond. There are even banana trees growing right beside it that make a peaceful rustle in the wind. I like to listen to the birds and watch the scene on the water from the pool. There’s always something interesting to watch and I like to study the tropical gardens, relax and read.

Island View Guesthouse Pool, St. Thomas, USVI

Island View Guesthouse Pool and View

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