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Breakfast and Off to Secret Harbor

Kelly captured this stunning sunrise over Charlotte Amalie early this morning from the Island View Guesthouse on Crown Mountain.

Sunrise Over Charlotte Amalie

Sunrise Over Charlotte Amalie

Shortly after, Lee and I woke up, then we all headed down to the Veranda for a beautiful breakfast. I enjoyed the fresh air and view while having breakfast, and planning our day at the table while we watched the action on the water.

A Beautiful Breakfast in St. Thomas

A Beautiful Breakfast in St. Thomas

Today a large, brand new Princess cruise ship is in port and also a freighter that is unloading racing sailboats for the St. Thomas International Regatta also known as the “Crown Jewel of the Caribbean” which begins next week.

Breakfast With a View at Island View Guesthouse

Breakfast With a View at Island View Guesthouse

At breakfast we decided to go to Secret Harbor on the southeast end of the island for the day. First, we made a short stop at Kmart to pick up some snacks and rafts, then off to Secret Harbor through hills, valleys, twists and turns.

Secret Harbor beach is a smaller beach extending from a condo community. It’s well protected and has a nice restaurant on the beach — there’s music and there are many people here to watch.

The beach is not long or wide, but the water here is shallow and calm, and today, since there was a wedding on the beach, we listened to a live steel drum performance with our toes in the sand.

Secret Harbor, St. Thomas

Floating in Secret Harbor, St. Thomas

It was fun floating on the raft with Kelly and chatting about this and that. The water was so clear that we were able to see some fish while floating and we met a couple from the cruise ship we saw from the Island View Guesthouse this morning. They were on their 37th cruise — wow!

We left the beach at about 4:00 PM — it was so clear and the sun so hot, that I got a little crisp even though I was slathering SPF 50 sunscreen on all throughout the afternoon.

Back at the guesthouse, it felt really good to shower and remove the slimy buildup of sunscreen, and now after a rest, we are about to go to dinner. It’s mystery dinner night since many restaurants are not open on Sunday nights.

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