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Summer Birthdays

Spending time with family is most special to me, and in summer we’ve got a few birthdays to celebrate together. There are four birthdays to be exact, including mine.

Warm temperatures and fireworks remind me of my birthday. I was born on July 3rd and can remember the day after my 5th birthday. My family and I went to Bushy Run State Park in PA, and we dropped ourselves on a blanket to watch a wonderful display of fireworks.

The first event of my birthday this year was spent with my daughter on a wonderful walk to Spudnuts Donuts. Their donuts are the best, since they are made with potato flour. This is one of my fondest memories on my 50th birthday.

Enjoying Spudnuts Donuts After a Walk

Enjoying Spudnuts Donuts After a Walk

We rarely plan anything elaborate to celebrate birthdays in my family, but the time we spend together is the best gift of all.

I love receiving cards on my birthday. It’s a special surprise that brightens up my day and I enjoy displaying them in my home.

A Handcrafted Birthday Card from my Daughter

A Handcrafted Birthday Card From my Sweet Daughter

This year I turned the big “50” and I still can’t believe it. My birthday is the first family birthday in July. After a morning walk, we joined my husband and had a wonderful dinner together. The message included in my card made my day!

A Card from my Husband

A Card from my Husband

The second birthday in July that we celebrate is my Grandmother’s birthday. Grandma Jones is a sweetie pie and is fit as a fiddle. I love picking out a card for her that speaks to her. We both love flowers, family and staying active. I like to include a little handwritten message at the bottom of the card to remind her of our time together.

Sometimes I get stumped on how to say, what I want to say in a card. And I’ve found that this website provides inspiration; it helps me to write a truly heartfelt message.

The most special birthday of all is my daughter’s birthday in July. This year we spent some time working together in the morning and then we went wakeboarding on the Huron River together. It was a blast! She has grown into a lovely, intelligent, kind and talented person. We went to dinner after and had a great time. I made a handcrafted card for her and a bookmark.

Wakeboarding on Kelly's 18th Birthday

Wakeboarding on Kelly’s 18th Birthday

Next up, is my father-in-law’s birthday. We usually get together for dinner and discuss times past, present and future. He always has an interesting story to tell and I love listening to him share family history. He has taught me so much!

And the last birthday we celebrate in summer is my Dad’s. He and my Step-mom live out of town, and this year my sister and I arranged to visit him at the same time. What a pleasure it was to be together for his birthday! We stayed overnight at their house and enjoyed some outings, including a visit to Jungle Jims. I learned more about our family history and took plenty of pictures.

Dad's (Papa B's) Birthday with Family

Dad’s (Papa B’s) Birthday with Family

Visiting with family is a great experience. There is nothing more special to me, and time is short. I’m fortunate to have a healthy family.

My Sister and I With Dad

My Sister and I With Dad

Enjoy summer and treasure moments you have with loved ones.

Happy summer!

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