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College Bound

Our daughter has earned placement at college and we are happy, proud and excited! I’m also feeling nervous about the upcoming “empty nest.”

Packing Supplies for College

Preparing and Packing for College

For 18 years we’ve been close, within arms distance. We’ve said “good morning,” and “good night,” face to face, and shared challenging and wonderful times together.

As Lee and I work together to move Kelly into her dorm room, I’m nervous, sad, and happy for her. (Basically, I’m a mess; yet I hold it together, suck it up and smile to keep an upbeat feeling in the air.) I’m uncomfortable with her being further away.

Moving a Child Into College

Moving Supplies Into a College Dorm Room

This is a special time in her life. A milestone. And I want her to know how happy I am for her, to remember a feeling of joy.

Helping a Child Move Into Her Dorm Room

Helping Our Child Move Into Her Dorm Room

Before I leave her at school, I say to her with a smile and hug, “Enjoy this time and study well. You’ll do great; and call us if we can help with anything. I love you!”

Having Dinner with Our Daughter Before Classes Start

See You Later After a Dinner and Walk in the Rain

We both had tears in our eyes and I tried to comfort her by letting her know this was a good thing and a change. That we would both adjust and keep in touch.

It’s a bittersweet moment. I love her so much and want the best for her. And I cried a waterfall as I prayed for her well-being on the way home. I will miss her dearly.

If you have a child preparing to leave home for college and you feel uncomfortable, I hope these words have helped. Hang in there! You’re not alone.

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