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C. Antl's art and musings.

About communicates my experiences and how I perceive art in the world around me. I’m creating and maintaining this website to continue developing skills in art, communication, and technology. It also serves as an autobiography for future generations.

about_carolyn_antl_artistWelcome. I’m Carolyn Antl, an Ohio based artist with strong design, production and communication skills. A graduate from The University of Akron, I earned a B.A. in Fine and Applied Arts with a major in Graphic Design, and minors in Drawing and Computer Graphics.

I’ve worked in various creative roles and industries including newspaper and magazine publishing, internet publishing, education, venture capital, and advertising. I’m passionate about creativity, learning, people and nature. Most recently I worked as a Production Coordinator at American Greetings, and had the honor to work with many talented associates while contributing to some exciting projects in Marketing Production.

At home, I enjoy time with my family and working on creative projects. My interests include art, dance, yoga, and outdoor activities. I reside in a 1960s home in retro suburbia with my husband, Lee, and our daughter. For more details, please browse the website.

Thank you very much for visiting.

Carolyn Antl

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